GRAD MEN S2E3: Jay Williams

This past year we saw Mad Men’s Roger Sterling publish a novel Sterling’s Gold. On our second GRAD MEN NYC tour, we met another ad man turned author: Jay Williams, Executive Vice President and ECD of Publicis NY. Jay is also the author of the book Soul For Sale, the story of creative director Terry Wilson and his challenges in balancing the world of advertising with his own personal life- as he struggles to produce great work, nail the pitch and deal with agency politics. It’s an engaging fun read, and Jay was nice enough to give us both copies which we read on the Bolt Bus back to Boston. A real stand-up guy who has built a big name for himself in both Boston and NYC, winning accolades from The One Show, CA, Andy’s, Webby’s, D&AD, Clio, Mercury and even an Emmy, the GRAD MEN team would like to thank Jay and Publicis for working with us.

Check out Jay’s work at

And because we know most of you are broke students like us, you can order Soul For Sale for pretty cheap on Amazon. Tune in next week when we debut Episode 4 of Season Two with Keith Weaver, CD at Razorfish.


GRAD MEN S2E2: Susan Corbo

A Kentucky native, Susan and Don already share a mutual love for bourbon. She has made quite the career in Boston and NYC, working on LL Bean, Swiss Army and Sylvania at Mullen in addition to award winning ads for Volkswagen and Timberland at Arnold Worldwide. Besides creating campaigns for Target and Virgin Mobile at Mother, Susan had the opportunity to write for a Mother Book collection entitled “I Date a Hooker.” It’s too bad Don wasn’t around for that series as he would’ve had a few stories to add to the mix.

Currently a creative director at BBH NY, Susan mentions in her interview that with a client list of AXE, Johnny Walker and Vaseline (to name a few) Don would fit in just fine at BBH. She was also kind enough to walk us through their cool space, and even play Deanna in an epic match of ping pong. Check out our professional point and shoot photos here. Stay tuned for later this season when we sit down with her husband Bruno Corbo of Dentsu.

Season One Recap

Don? If you’re watching, this one’s for you. Consider it a mashup of all the brilliant, talented people we were fortunate enough to interview for Season One of GRAD MEN.

They all want you here Don, don’t let your fellow Creative Directors down.

GRAD MEN Season Two Premiere: Joel Lunenfeld

When Don comes to speak at graduation, he’ll certainly feel at home in the cushy office of Moxie Interactive CEO, Joel Lunenfeld. Joel’s got Draper running through his blood- with the blood alcohol level to match, just kidding. But seriously, take a sip of the 18 year old scotch kept in his office and you’ll understand why he’s been called Atlanta’s Don Draper.

Moxie regularly holds open houses a few times a year so if you’re in the area drop by for a tour, you won’t be disappointed. In the meantime, take a look through some of the photos we took while visiting here.

Back for Season Two

It’s been a while but the GRAD MEN team has been super busy over break recording new content for Season Two. We’ve got an all-star list of CD’s from NYC, Boston and Atlanta. Also this season, we’ll take you on exclusive agency tours, showing the space and offices of the industry’s best shops. Our hope is the tours will help ad school students in deciding where they want to work post graduation.

We’re kicking off Season Two with Joel Lunenfeld, CEO of Moxie Interactive, a full-service agency based in ATL. They’ve done some great digital work for the movie Inception and Verizon Wireless, check out their reel here.

Be sure to come back tonight and every week at 10pm for new episodes of GRAD MEN!

GRAD MEN EPISODE 9: Steve Mykolyn


For this week’s episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with TAXI CCO, Steve Mykolyn. We had a lot of great work and even funnier stories to talk aboot. If Steve and Don ever met face to face, Don would have definitely been weirded out. Just kidding, thanks for coming down from Toronto Steve!


Part II of our interview with Kash Sree, ECD of Pereira & O’Dell. Kash you’re an advertising all-star and a genuine guy, thanks for sharing your wit and wisdom with the GRAD MEN team.

Tune in next week as we sit down with CCO Steve Mykolyn of TAXI. Follow them on Twitter @TAXICANADA