Live from New York, it’s GRAD MEN.

The time : 4am. The place: La Pomme on 37 West 26th Street. The mission: Approach Jon Hamm and tell him about our latest project to recruit the real Don Draper to speak at our advertising school graduation. The Password: We’d tell you, but we’d have to kill you (or at least take your first born).

We felt like spies. Secret Agents on a mission to impress GQ’s Sexiest Man (Ever)—no big deal. After schmoozing with some dude dressed as a giant mouse and a Chilean miner (it was Halloween, afterall), trying to get insider tips on where our star could be, an NBC photographer tipped us off. Hamm was in the building. Success. We made it. Right place at the right time. Problem. He was upstairs. We were down. There was a second password needed for upstairs access and Deanna’s  “The password is You Have Nice Eyes” + a sexy wink wasn’t doing the trick. Didn’t work when David tried it either. Not even Jon Hamm himself could get upstairs, and he was already there.  Drats.

2 hours pass as we patiently wait, star struck by our fellow partygoers.  Spotted: SNL cast members (sorry you’ll just take our word for it- cameras were forbidden)

Jason Sudeikis

Bobby Moynihan

Bill Hader

And John Krasinski (Jim from The Office). For a split second when Jim was at the bar he shot Deanna a glance that would’ve made Pam fill with rage. The night couldn’t have gotten any better at this point, that is, until we saw Him. The time: 6:30am. Two bouncers began clearing a path for Hamm to exit the building. Our hearts sank. There he was. What a face. Our sweaty palms gripped the GRADMEN business cards hiding in the bottom of our pockets. Now or never. Do or die. This was the moment we’d been waiting for. David reached out and touched his arm. Hamm turned around and gave us a joy filled nod and went on his way as security ushered him into a limo. Wham Bam. Thank you Hamm.

We then followed a Storm Trooper and an accordion player to a jellyfish/robot themed warehouse party in Brooklyn based on a lead that Jon Hamm would be at the after after after party. No such luck. But we met some interesting characters. All in all it was a great night even though we didn’t get to pitch our project to Jon.  We certainly tried our best. And this is only the beginning.


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  1. David. I apologize. Did not mean to be rude. See you in Atlanta.

    The Hammer

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