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After three successful seasons of Grad Men we’re finally pitching to Jon Hamm and the AMC Crew. Help us get the video out there by tweeting/fb’ing the folks at AMC, thanks for all your help Grad Men fans, it’s time to make this project a reality!


Deanna, David & Mike


Lee Clow & The Time Machine

Dear Lee, tonight’s episode of GRAD MEN is dedicated to you (and your beard). Direct Message us @GRADMEN if you can help!


Deanna, Mike & David

GRAD MEN S2E8: Wade Devers

Wade Devers is the Group Creative Director & “Head of Art” at Arnold Worldwide in Boston. As the CD for both Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort in addition to many others, we think Don would be pretty jealous of his client list. Check out Arnold’s most recent JD spot here.

Wade also does a pretty good Don Draper, with a wicked hahd Boston accent of course.

Tune in next week for a surprise episode of GRAD MEN when we debut THE TIME MACHINE:

The time machine that will transport Don Draper here from the 60's.

GRAD MEN S2E7: Joe Grimaldi

This week’s second episode features President and CEO of Mullen Boston, Joe Grimaldi. After talking with Joe for 20 minutes we got the sense he was a pretty good pitchman. How good you say? Well he could probably talk Don out of that sixth whiskey. Under Joe’s leadership, Mullen was just recently named to Ad Age’s A-List agencies to work for.

Tune in next week when we talk to Wade Devers, Head of Art at Arnold Worldwide.



GRAD MEN S2E6: Mark Wenneker

Tonight we talk advertising with Mark Wenneker, Chief Creative Officer at Mullen in Boston.

When he made the switch from ECD to CCO Mark was quoted saying, ” Mullen is a unique agency. The capabilities here don’t fall so neatly under the word ‘advertising.’ We have a culture and environment that are working together to redefine what constitutes `creative’ and where `creativity’ can or should come from. To lead that effort is a great opportunity.”  Well, it’s been over a year since becoming CCO of Mullen and Wenneker is certainly leading that effort with a greatness that would make Don Draper shudder. Check out his award winning work here:

GRAD MEN S2E5: Perry Fair

Tonight’s episode of GRAD MEN features Perry Fair, Digital ECD and Vice President of Grey in New York. A Creative Circus grad (class of 1999), Perry has worked for and alongside some of advertising’s best. After an impressive run as a creative director at TBWA Chiat Day, Perry made the switch to Grey where he took command of the agency’s digital department. You’ll find a nice mix of work on Perry’s site, but be sure to check out his DirectTV spots. (beautifully executed, especially “Robots”) Also, don’t miss his interactive work for Don Julio Premium Tequila and tuna. Yes, tuna. Perry found a way to make tuna interesting with his most recent campaign: Tuna: The Wonderfish.

Oh and Don, we realize when it comes to digital you’re a little far behind (about 40 years) but if you ever need to catch up on the latest digi trends, we suggest you and everyone else follow Perry on Twitter, @PerryFair.

Tune in next week for new GRAD MEN episodes from Mullen in Boston. We’ve got a dual episode with interviews from Mark Wenneker, Chief Creative Officer and Joe Grimaldi, President.

GRAD MEN S2E4: Keith Weaver

When you first look at Keith Weaver and Don Draper, the similarities are obvious. They’re both have a constant cool about them, get compliments on their hair, and share two-syllable last names. Currently a Creative Director at Razorfish, Keith combines a strong background in art direction, photography and design to create work that has been recognized in both the traditional and digital sphere. His easygoing, cool nature is what makes him a great CD to work for, and much like Don, shares the ability to see great work in others. When it comes to hiring juniors, Keith puts a lot of emphasis on passion and self-expression, “Make your personal life part of your work. That will really make for authentic creativity and expression in the things that you create either for school, for work, or personal projects whatever they may be.”

Checkout the GRAD MEN agency tour of Razorfish space in Atlanta and stay tuned for a double episode next week when we debut Mullen Boston’s Mark Wenneker, Chief Creative Officer and Joe Grimaldi, President.